Composite Crusher Impact Crusher With Advantages

Composite Crusher Impact Crusher With Advantages

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Basic material along its natural texture, cleavage fracture, grain shape, low own consumption.
4 the amount of dust (1) as the material broken at high speed, the dust was relatively small, sand production rate sand making machine increases.
(2) composite crusher working principle can be seen to, items broken by hammer and counterattack, attack and counterattack to broken, the board hammer and impact wear, overall, wear parts for wear, low efficiency and short service life. 2 crushing principle (1) impact crusher by using selective broken broken principles of reconciliation, directly on the material enough kinetic energy and shock to convert kinetic energy to overcome the crushing of materials required and broken.
(2) material in composite type broken machine in the need board hammer high-speed turned to get kinetic energy, consider fuselage in work in the of smooth SBM , turned of board hammer often cannot to material enough of kinetic energy, so playing to counter board shang of stone get of kinetic energy also was further weakened, rotating in the of stone cannot is good of mutual collision, led to broken efficiency greatly reduced, out sand rate greatly reduced.
Practice shows that the same model compared to the composite crusher impact crusher with, impact crusher working efficiency high, sand production rates higher, higher yields, longer service life of wearing parts, sand and low cost, sand-finished products more in line with national sand making machine standards for sand.
Guide: a, and impact type broken machine and composite type broken machine of different 1 work principle (1) from impact type broken machine of work principle can see to, material of broken almost by "stone playing stone" principle to completed, on counter board of wear almost is small, so overall view, wear pieces makes a, and impact type broken machine and composite type broken machine of different 1 work principle (1) from impact type broken machine of work principle can see to, material of broken almost by "stone playing stone" principle to completed, on counter board of wear almost is small,
3 efficiency (1) vertical roller mill high-speed rotating items in the impact crusher through "shi shi" and "stone blacksmith ' two work processes after crushing, crushing efficiency greatly improved, more than to raise sand 45%.
(2) materials in composite crusher crushing process, because they are not completed high-speed collisions, mainly on board hammer and impact tooth blade on material applied force, material into pieces and was forced to fight against item cannot be reconciliation in fractured along its natural texture surface, irregular shape, its consumption is greatly increased.
(2) due to material cannot high-speed broken, need after repeatedly combat and counter, produced of dust increased 5 products containing iron volume (1) products containing iron volume less, finished sand of level distribution and grain type and containing powder volume can completely reached national a sand standard (2) products containing iron volume more, cannot reached gb sand standard; 6 production, and maintenance, and using life (1) impact type broken machine due to production high, and fault less easy maintenance, using life long,, widely was user using. (2) composite breakers because of the low yields, fault repairs, short life, hardly be known by the user, let alone use.
So overall, the wear-resistant components last longer, work better.
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