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Alternative Names: Alarex, Alerza, Allercet, Cetirocol, Dyzin, Vitinelin, Zynor


The participants were paired up with a computer and virtual partners, some of whom appeared to be reliable (the type to share the money) and some who appeared unreliable (those likely to keep it all for themselves).
Key data<br/> At 0.2 million euros, MOLOGEN AG?s revenue for the first half of 2013, although higher than the 0.1 million euros in the first half of 2012, was at a low level, as expected. R&D expenses totaled 2.8 million euros and were thus at the level of the same period of the previous year. The augmentation of the Executive Board by a Chief Medical Officer, additional employees, stock option expenditures and other measures led to an increase in personnel costs in the reporting period compared to the previous year of 0.4 million euros, to approximately 2.0 million euros. This, as well as a slight increase in other operating expenses and lower other operating income allowed the loss for the period grow larger by 0.4 million euros compared to the comparable 2012 value, to -4.2 million euros. As of June 30, 2013, cash and cash equivalents totaled approximately 19.9 million euros (12/31/12: 23.8 million euros).
We are delighted that Amgen, a key player in the global biologics sector, will be co-locating its China R&D center at ShanghaiTech University, said Professor Richard A. Lerner, founding director of Shanghai Institute for Advanced Immunochemical Studies, an antibody research institute of ShanghaiTech University. We aim to become one of the world's leading antibody research institutes and the co-location of Amgen's China R&D center with us will help to steer our research to be more applicable and to ultimately help patients in the fight against serious illnesses.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has more on <a rel=nofollow href= target=_blank>contraceptive use among teens</a>.
Young women with multiple risk factors and a strong family history of cardiac disease should not assume they are too young to have a heart attack, said lead researcher Judith Lichtman, chair of the department of chronic disease epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health in New Haven, Conn.
The investigators also found that rates of prostate cancer and female breast cancer appear to be rising in most countries with medium, high or very high levels of development, and that rates of stomach cancer and cervical cancer are generally decreasing in countries with medium, high or very high levels of HDI.
WEDNESDAY Nov. 10, 2010 -- The number of U.S. children diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) jumped nearly 22 percent in a recent four-year period, U.S. health officials report.

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For the study, Moro and colleagues examined 18 patients with advanced Parkinson's disease who were given implants for deep brain stimulation in 1996 to 2000. The researchers assessed the patients' motor function before implanting the device and again after one, five and 10 years.
Mammograms are stressful to patients because some require follow-up, Cassell said. But unfortunately, to find the patients [with cancer], some are going to have false positives... At some level, I feel we have to accept that.
The time from diagnosis to referral for treatment was shorter for blacks than whites, but blacks were more likely to have more advanced CLL at the time of referral. Blacks responded as well as whites to first-line treatment, but their cancer progressed more rapidly, and their survival time was shorter.
The FDA also noted that parents may have difficulty recognizing the symptoms of methemoglobinemia, which include: pale, gray or blue-colored skin, lips and nail beds; shortness of breath; fatigue; confusion; headache; light-headedness and rapid heart rate.
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