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Alternative Names: Fluoxetine, Actan, Erocap, Fluoxeron, Fluoxil, Fluoxin, Motivone


Each state's exchange must also maintain an up-to-date website with comparative health plan information; maintain a toll-free, consumer call center; and fund a navigator program to assist individuals and families with obtaining coverage. The exchanges are also the vehicle for people who meet certain income thresholds to qualify for tax credits to reduce their premium costs and federal subsidies to lower out-of-pocket expenses.
Terrie Hall, one of the people featured in the ads, lost her 13-year battle with smoking-related cancer this week, McAfee said. Terrie's desire to share her story in effort to help others know the dangers of smoking is truly a public-health inspiration, he said.
The switch to electronic health records in the United States has not yet resulted in hoped-for cost savings or major improvements in efficiency or patient care, according to a new analysis by the RAND Corporation.

Pennsylvania State University researchers calculated that for every dollar spent on helping smokers quit, states would see a $1.26 return in reduced medical costs, increased productivity and reduced absenteeism in the workplace, and fewer premature deaths due to smoking.
He noted that previous research has examined the effects of endurance exercise on cardiovascular problems such as heart disease and stroke. But only a few, smaller studies have investigated its effect on heart rhythm problems, and these studies have tended to look at people who are less active.
Patients with worse disease at the outset seemed to fare the best after the procedure, as did those undergoing surgery for the first time. This second finding is probably explained by the fact that people going for second or further surgeries were probably sicker to begin with, Josephson said.
Recently, I reviewed online menu choices from a chain restaurant with a patient. The grilled chicken salad he was eating regularly and believed was a healthy choice, wound up having over 2,000 milligrams of sodium and 41 grams of fat. He was stunned, she said.

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Sweeney and colleagues studied the eye movements of 57 close relatives -- 42 parents and 15 siblings of people with autism. They compared them to 40 other people who were similar to them in age, gender and IQ but weren't close relatives of people with autism.
Following the warnings, antidepressant prescriptions for young people fell by more than a fifth. At the same time, suicide attempts rose, possibly because <a href=/condition/depression.html>depression</a> was being undertreated, according to background information in the study.
Hat tip to <a rel=nofollow href=>Regulatory Focus</a>
Until this point we have been studying the two main forms of IBD -- Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis -- separately, co-lead author Judy Cho, professor of gastroenterology and genetics at Yale School of Medicine, said in a Yale news release. We created this study based on what seems to be a vast amount of genetic overlap between the two disorders.
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