Must Learn Metal Crusher Equipment Maintenance

Must Learn Metal Crusher Equipment Maintenance

Сообщение Zenither6 » 09 сен 2015, 13:09

vertical roller mill 3, machine placed to maintain a certain distance, not allowed to collide.
4, each time you power on the v-belt tension should be checked before use, adjust belt tension, avoid v-belts too tight or too loose v-belt and the power consumption of the damage that was caused, if the v-belt has aging, should be replaced in a timely manner, so as not to affect the performance.
Note: 1, whether to flip, turn or replace the hammers are all hammer heads should be at the same time, and replacement hammer quality variance across the two groups shall not be greater than 5 grams.
2, wet weather should be checked and oiled once vertical roller mill every 15-20 days, other weather 1-2 months to check should be made on a quarterly check.
I hope to help the quarry crusher vast number of investors: 1, when the crushers after working for a while, hammerhead work sharp corners into rounded corners effect efficiency, you should all use the hammer flips 180 degrees or to turn, when two sharp corners are rounded while replacing a new hammer.
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Must Learn Metal Crusher Equipment Maintenance

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